How to Grow Taller in a Week

It is quite normal to feel the need to grow a little taller. There is the “if only I were taller” complex which as a driving force to wanting to find ways in which to increase one’s height. It is assumed that once an individual hits 20 that it is a lost cause to try and add a little height to their build. This misconception is just that, a misconception. It is not as difficult to add height as many may want to assume. There are methods of adding a couple inches no matter what age the individual may be.

There are people of ranging ages that have accomplished the great feat of adding a few inches to their stature by simply engaging in particular activities. Before attempting to gain height in a week there is one thing that has to be clear however, there is no way of increasing bone size once puberty is over. Yes, of course you can increase your height, but it is impossible to increase bone size post puberty. There have been many claims of such but it simple a false proclamation. There are real ways of gaining height that have nothing to do with bone size.

Lengthening Your Spine

By lengthening your spine, there is a guarantee that you will be taller. It is not uncommon for individuals to discover that they have a curved spine. This totally decreases their potential to attain the height that is rightfully theirs. There are simple ways that you can straighten your spine that will have you seeing a height difference in no time. First off, the best thing to do is to try to get more sleep. Sleeping with extended legs, a thin pillow or no pillow at all and your arms at your side will get you spine straighten naturally. You will need at least 8 hours of sleep in order for this to take the desired effect. A lot of people sleep incorrectly or sleep very little which is ill-advised.


Nutrition is definitely on the list for the top ways to increase you height. Eating healthy is a great way to producing the growth hormones that are provided by your body naturally. Eating the wrong foods will really detract from your body’s efforts.


Exercise will really make that much more of a difference. There are some workouts that you can engage in to have your spine straightening and you seeing your desired height difference. One of the best forms of exercise is swimming as it requires your muscles to be stretched and compress your spinal.