Abdominal Exercises To Increase Height

Abdominal exercises have been found to significantly increase height. These exercises target your middle and muscles of your lower thereby helping you increase height. They are summed up in program that outlines the step by step procedure together with the duration of each step and the number of times each step will be repeated.

Lower abdominal crunch, a perfect way of strengthening your back as well, will assist you attain the proper posture you need to grow taller. It is a very simple exercise that can be performed on any flat soft surface area. The following is the lower Abs crunch procedure

  • · With your rear against the floor, lie down flat
  • · Place your arms on the sides and fold your knees
  • · Raise your shoulder and at the same time lift your head up
  • · Slowly bring back your knees to your chest using your lower abs. restrict your range of movement to reduce hip flexor participation.
  • · Maintain the position and count up to three before slowly bringing down your legs to the floor once more.
  • · Repeat this steps as many times as you can

Side crunch is an exercise in which you lie down on your side and stretch the arm on the side facing down. You then put the arm on in front of you and bend your knees until they make an angle of 90-degrees to your hips. Raise both shoulders with the help of your hands and try reaching your knees. While ability to attain this may vary from one person to another, try as much as possible to meet your knees. Crunch the muscles of your side and bring down your elbow while trying to touch your toes. Repeat on each side ten to fifteen times.

To help you strengthen your entire abdominal muscles, include these exercises into your full abdominal workout. While most of them can be done, effectively, on a flat bench, using a decline bench will greatly multiply the load on your abs. The exercises are particularly good for starters.


Abdominal exercise o increase height program consists of no-rest routine cycles comprising of consecutive exercises that have been found to hit very part of your waistline. Every complete routine precedes a 2-3-minute active rest duration. You then repeat the each cycle two more times, the whole exercise taking approximately fifteen minute a cycle. In case you are new to intensive abs training, consider starting the program with cycles during your first week, and then slowly advance to three.